Maria A. P. Woolson

Sustainability as a Pedagogical Project

May 2013 & 2017

Sustainability as a Pedagogical Project
Co-Designer and Facilitator - Sustainability and Curriculum Design Workshop. Institute for Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts (IPLA) 2013, 2017. Oxford College, Emory University, GA

This two-day workshop that employs sustainability to explore creative approaches to pedagogy for educators, in roles as curriculum designers, scholars and mentors
Oxford College/IPLA./2017 
A  two-day workshop to collaborate as educators and curriculum designers on sustainability.

June 2012

Co-Designer and Facilitator - Sustainability and Curriculum Design Workshop. University of Alberta, Edmonton, CA.

A three-day workshop integrating critical pedagogy with a place-based case study approach to inform curriculum design for a Sustainable Learning Community.

June 2011

Collaborations:Design Institute at UNH

Three-day Curriculum Design Exercise in Sustainability. University of New Hampshire.

Environmental Humanities: Art, installations and climate change

Minimum Monument and community conversations through artistic collaboration,
(In collaboration with The University of Vermont's Feverish World Symposium).  

New Initiative: Biocultural Diversity, Conservation and Identity Narratives in Rapa Nui

Ongoing research that addresses conservation through the lens of biocultural diversity.
Silenced Voices, Forgotten Wisdom. Rapa Nui as Cultural Mirror of Colonized Discourses in Environmental Politics
Rapa Nui (Easter Island): Rethinking Water Management and Privatization through Political Ecology.

The Firefly Project:  Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Wind, Art, Energy: A Paintbrush in the Hands of the Wind.
Integrating language, culture, art and engineering in a study of alternative energy.

Collaborations: Museo de la Ciudad, Coronel Pringles

Collaboration with Museo de la Ciudad, Pringles, Buenos Aires: 'Un museo de la comunidad para la comunidad"

New Initiative:
Digital Technologies, Virtual Worlds & Language Acquisition

Designer - Social-educational 3-D virtual space on Second Life platform for FL Acquisition

Digital Technologies and Interdiciplinary Integration

Collaborative Student-Centered Approaches in Language Learning
[examples from cultural studies]

[examples from language acquisition]

Engaging language and content with student-centered environmental interests in 
  -Short film productions: 
     [examples from Intermediate Spanish]
  - Multi-media productions: 

     [examples from Intermediate Spanish]

•Integration of student-managed digital space into class information management system for collaboration
[example I cultural studies]
[example II cultural studies]

Collaborations:Bamboo Worshop

Middlebury Faculty Representative at Bamboo Workshop II, San Francisco,CA, Oct. 2008 and Bamboo Workshop III, Tucson, AZ, Jan. 2009