Maria A. P. Woolson
Areas: • Educational technology and foreign language pedagogy
• Epistemic perspectives in ecocriticism
• Performing bodies, embodying power: corporality, performativity and political metaphors
• New challenges in education: a humanities perspective of sustainability
• Socioeconomic life in colonial Potosi as an intersection with its numismatic record.

Books & Book Chapters

Book Chapter: Biocultural Diversity, Conservation & Water

Rethinking Water Policy and Privatization on Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Book:   Numismatics and Colonial Potosi

Re-engraving Assayer's Initials in Potosi Cobs examines the coinage minted in Potosi between 1576-1773, to trace the overlap and transitions between assayers. Few assayers minted coins without reusing previous dies. The resulting re-engraved pieces are here described in detail, while also treated as historic artifacts, thus revealing both the socioeconomic and the political context of its time.

Book Review:  Security, Risk and the Biometric State

Security, Risk and the Biometric State. Governing Borders and Bodies,
by Benjamin Muller. 

Book Chapter: Space, Performativity & Collective Meaning 

The Gift of a Different Gaze: A Social-Environmental Imagination of Collective Meaning in Helen Escobedo’s Open-Space Installations, 1997-2010

Journal Articles

Liberal Arts Education and Sustainability

Teaching Ecocriticism and The Global South. A View of Latin American Environmental Thinking through the Environmental Humanities
Sustainability as a Pedagogical Principle in Liberal Arts Education: Explorations from the Foreign Language classroom.

Environmental  Humanities and Sustainability

The Melting of Humankind. How Art Deepens our Dialogue about Climate Change
Resignifying Environmental Epistemology through Latin America’s Artistic Representation. A Sustainability Perspective from the Humanities

Digital Humanities 

Designing a Virtual Social Space for Language Acquisition.

Estudios de performance en literatura

Articulación del mito Eva Perón en la narrativa de Tomás Eloy Martínez: un performance político materializado en el cuerpo


Transforming the Border, Transforming the Migrant. Biometrics and the Ubiquitous Borderization of a Public’s Imagination.

Biocultural Diversity, Conservation & Community Identity

Conference Proceedings: Voces silenciadas, sabiduría olvidada. Limitaciones discursivas de la representación cultural en la era de la globalización

Espacio, Lenguaje y Memoria

Lenguaje, memoria y corporalidad en el teatro de Griselda Gambaro: Metáforas políticas y su resignificación hoy.

Ecocriticism in Latin American Contemporary Literature

Sustainability as the Analytical Framework for Ecocritical Observations of Contemporary Literature: Un Viejo que leía novelas de amor by Luis Sepúlveda